You will know when its time to get additional support from a licensed professional when you feel like you’ve tried everything in your existing toolkit and can’t seem to get to where you want to be. In my experience, the sooner you reach out for help, the better. However, it is never “too late.”

Marriage and Family Therapists are mental health professionals trained in psychotherapy and family systems. This allows them to be able to provide services to a wide range of clients including: children, teens, young adults, adults, elders, couples and families. 

The length and frequency of therapy depends on each individual or couple. On average, clients will have one session per week from anywhere from 3-12 months. When symptoms are significantly reduced or eliminated, the frequency of sessions can be reduced, leading up to termination of services. Clients can always come back for “check-ins” or “tune-ups” as needed. 

Online therapy or “telehealth therapy” is counseling services that are offered using text messages, chat messages, email, phone and video (similar to skype or facetime but through a secure and confidential portal).

There are so many advantages to online therapy and many clients prefer this method over traditional in-person treatment. Here are some to mention a few: effective, affordable, secure, confidential, convenient, save time, save gas, save money, have a session during your own time (lunch break, before work etc.), in the comfort of your office, home or car (wherever you feel more comfortable) or even take a nature walk while we talk. For couples with children: no need to hire babysitter or leave the house for a session. 

Online therapy is best for clients who are experiencing mild to moderate difficulties in their life due to life transitions or a difficult season. It is also appropriate for individuals who have trouble with anxiety, stress, lacking motivation and want help getting “unstuck”. For couples, online therapy is beneficial for clients who want to improve an “ok” relationship or for couples who want to work through some issues such as: communication, connection, intimacy etc. 

Unfortunately, no. Due to the nature of online therapy, not everyone is a good fit. The main concern here is safety. Clients who have more complex issues or more severe symptoms would require a higher level of care that would not be available to them via online counseling services (like crisis intervention). Clients with mental health concerns that are moderate to severe would be better served with in-person services. 

We will be using a secure, confidential, HIPAA compliant platform to conduct all video and messaging communication and to upload/send/receive files.   

Absolutely not! Basic computer skills and a stable internet connection are all that is required. 

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