Couples Therapy

Healthy relationships are possible. Couples Therapy can help you learn the skills and tools to have a happy & healthy relationship! I offer online therapy for couples and individuals in California.

Why Couples Therapy?

You don’t feel emotionally close to your partner. You feel like your partner doesn’t really pay attention to you or cares about your needs. You can’t talk to your partner without the conversation turning into a fight and you don’t feel respected when you disagree. 

When you partner gets angry, you feel attacked.Your discussions get to the point where you start bringing up each other’s faults.

Often, when you really need to turn toward your partner for emotional support, you are disappointed and left alone. you start to think that maybe it would be best to get a divorce or wish that you were separated.

What You Want

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You want to be able to have important conversations with your partner. You want to feel heard and understood. You want to feel supported, appreciated, loved and respected.

You want to have moments of connection throughout the day and feel emotionally connected to your partner. You want to have fun and enjoy your partner. You want to continue to learn about each other, grow and create rituals for your relationship and family. 

You are not ready to give up on your relationship. You are willing to do the work to have the relationship you always imagined.

How I Can Help


I can help you and your partner have the important conversations that you need to have. I will help facilitate those conversations by teaching you skills and tools that actually work! 

You will practice in session and during the week so that you can carry these skills into other conversations with each other and for years to come. 

We will work on increasing positive interactions and building emotional connection. I don’t believe in perfect relationships, but I do believe in building (this implies work!) the relationship you want. 



Improve your relationship. Learn skills and tools to improve friendship, communication, intimacy, conflict management and much more.

Improve your everyday life. Learn to manage your mood, anxiety, self-esteem, communication and much more.

Secure Online Therapy

Client Portal

My client portal allows you to schedule a consultation, manage your account and securely send & receive documents.

Secure Video

Sessions are held on a secure video platform through Simple Practice. Receive appointment reminders through text or email.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging through client portal for easy and secure messaging.

“Successful long-term relationships are created through small words, small gestures, and small acts.”
Dr. John Gottman
Book: Eight Dates

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